Accurate business appraisal and valuation by qualified experts

A business valaution report
A Business Valuation Report (BVR).

Every year we conduct hundreds of business valuations on behalf of our clients, business owners, solicitors and accountants.

As a result, we are well respected for providing accurate and timely appraisals based on years of experience and a thorough grounding in the legal and technical elements involved.

The reasons for having a business valuation vary and are illustrated in the list below. However, one characteristic prevalent in all of them is the need to present an accurate account of a business’s value for future planning, peace of mind and with a view to a possible exit.

The first step toward successfully selling your business is appraising what it could be worth and why.

Regular business valuation should be part of any business planning or strategic review. You'll be very surprised by what you'll learn and even how you can make your business worth significantly more than it is today.

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Common reasons to have a business valuation:

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Buying or selling a business.
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Insurance purposes e.g. director life insurance or Key Man policies.
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Helping raise finance for expansion.
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Succession planning.
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Courts, or legal advisers for divorce or probate.
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Partner/Director/Shareholder disagreements.
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Tax planning.
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A Management Buy Out (MBO)
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Many businesses on the market in the UK never sell. This is principally due to incorrect value or price expectations.

Buyers, accountants, bankers, lawyers and any other professionals will not take your business seriously if it is not properly valued. You will lose credibility and can significantly damage your negotiating position. A valuation report sets out a genuine level of expectation for all parties and should examine and highlight all the issues which can have a major significant on your business.

Doing a beer mat calculation with basic multiples is very unlikely to hold any weight opposite finance professionals or seasoned buyers. Buyers will place little credibility in a value arrived at by your accountant or bank manager.

It is possible to value a company accurately through in-depth analysis of the financials alongside knowledge of marketplace activity and to benchmark the performance of comparative businesses in the sector.

A valuation must look beyond the basic numbers and analyse the off-balance sheet factors which can play a major part in determining the value. This is a standard part of our valuation/appraisal report.

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