Let your competitors get soft on Netflix bingeing and frozen pizza. NOW is the right time to consider your options and to plan for a better future.  

Whilst the overwhelming thoughts and actions are to secure your business and the well-being of staff, this unprecedented lockdown presents the opportunity to review your operation, how you’re set up and to see if there are areas in need of improvement.

Will there be a good time to sell this year? Have I lost value? Is there a hidden value in my business? Am I performing better than my peers, or could I be doing better? Is there an Achilles heel holding me back? A few of the questions we’ve helped anxious clients with this last week. We can help you too.

L&W has a variety of free and excellent value tools,such as the Business Valuation Report, the Pre-Sale Questionnaire or the Market Appraisal, which will assist you, offer new insights and help you make more profit and be more desirable.

Once we get through this challenge, and we will get through it, make sure you are well prepared to take advantage of the return to normal market conditions.

We’re open as usual and happy to discuss your business, your options, and to answer any questions you might have. Get in touch.
In the meantime, stay strong and healthy.

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Lucas & Weston are UK specialists for selling a business or company.

Talk to most business brokers, advisers, accountants and so on, and you will find a lot of mysticism, confusion, waffle and jargon surrounding the selling of a company. If you substitute the smoke-and-mirrors with preparation, common-sense and a skilled and experienced broker, the process is very rewarding.

Our website is full of useful information that will assist you in selling your business. Just click any of the links above or below to get started.
For extra information, help or advice you can contact us confidentially via e-mail or telephone. We will do all we can to help you.

I sincerely hope you find something of interest within these pages and look forward to representing you when you choose to sell.

With best wishes,
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Howard Weston
Managing Director
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