Learn how to buy a business for less money and on
better terms than you ever thought possible

Selling a business expert Howard Weston
An invitation from Howard Weston
Managing Director
Lucas & Weston Ltd - Business Brokers

First, a confession
I'm a business broker, my business is selling businesses. And no, I am not trying to sell you a business or, unlike many seminars you may have attended, any high priced consultancy in the guise of education.

I am however running a seminar entitled "Buy a Business Masterclass" on 10th May 2018 in London at No. 1 Cornhill, London, EC3V 3ND.

I never planned to start doing a seminar.


In 2011, a good friend quit his high-flying city job to buy a business and asked if I could help him with tips on how to negotiate the best deal. He thought that I'd have some inside knowledge of how a seller thinks which he could leverage to his advantage.

To help my friend I decided to look back and review all of the deals I'd negotiated over the previous years to see if there were any similarities or patterns that would prove telling.

Starling discoveries

Over the following year, I analysed these deals inside out and came to some pretty amazing conclusions about how to buy a business and make some serious money.

What started out as a friendly bit of advice, quickly morphed into the idea for this full blown seminar.

As Managing Director of business brokers Lucas & Weston, I've been at the forefront of business sales for nearly two decades and have brokered many multi-million pound deals with private buyers and investors through to FTSE listed PLCs.

Don't make these same mistakes

I've packed all this research and hard-won knowledge into this seminar, and I'd like to share my experience and unique findings with you.

I was amazed at some of the obvious mistakes buyers, even large PLCs (with armies of professional advisers), made when they approached making an acquisition. I'd like to share these with you so you can avoid these pitfalls.

The first seminar, back in 2012, sold out in less than a week. I was humbled and overwhelmed with the positive comments and feedback.

It has since sold out every time I've run it.

I haven't run the seminar since 2015 because I give away a lot of my hard earned trade secrets and don't want to flood the market. This is the only date for 2018, possibly longer.

“I just wanted to drop you a brief email to say thanks for yesterday's seminar; it was both rewarding and stimulating.Your inclusion of the psychological implications of buying and selling was fascinating, please thank Jeanette for her excellent presentation.”
Terran Churcher - MD Codegate Ltd
“5 years on, I genuinely remember the seminar to be very useful .”
Noel Cummings - Scanna MSC Ltd
“I found it very informative and just wished I had done something like that a few years back before I bought my first business.”
Harjinder Cheema
“Good seminar today, thank you! I feel re-energised to put a business acquisition plan into action.”
Marshall King
“Very inspiring. Good value too.”
David Jonas - MD Vegetarian Express Ltd
“Learnt many things I hadn't even considered. Presented in a very engaging and professional way.”
Alan Richards
“I found the masterclass very worthwhile.”
Donald Stuart

Behind the scenes - a rare perspective, a clear advantage

Your attendance will give you an unparalleled view, from an insider's perspective, behind the scenes and workings of a business sale. A view few ever get to see. A view that will deliver an edge, a clear advantage in any negotiation.

The information I disclose is dynamite in the hands of the business buyer. Imagine entering into a negotiation armed with the tips, tricks and knowledge of how a sale is structured from the other side?

Learn exactly how it's done - and is being done. Not from academics, but straight from the experiences of those who have done it – and are doing it right now. There is no vague waffle, management speak or idle theorising.

Just all you really need to know where and how to buy a business on the best possible terms.

What you will get

You'll walk away with hints, tips, strategies and game-changing information which you can apply immediately. Gain unique access to valuable real life, up-to-date case studies and learn from real business deals with proven results.

Here's what you'll discover when you attend the seminar:

  • Where to find quality businesses for sale.
  • Why big businesses value and pay more that they have to.
  • How to navigate unrealistic value expectations.
  • How to find businesses that never get advertised for sale.
  • How to get taken seriously, so you jump to the top of the queue of buyers.
  • Understand the psychology of a Vendor and how this can give you a real edge.
  • Understanding valuation - how to get it right.
  • How to make an offer that gets some serious attention.
  • How to get a business broker dancing to your tune.
  • How to structure a deal which doesn't break the bank.
  • The 3 key questions business brokers never get asked, but without fail always deliver a serious advantage to your negotiating position.
  • An incredible case study - the man who bought a profitable £1.7m turnover business with less than £100k in cash and earned more than £90k in the first two months of ownership. (And as I'm writing, he's doing it again.)
  • Three more case studies from the past 12 months too
  • How to manage the professionals to your advantage.
  • You get a raft of legal tips. One recent purchaser saved over £6,727 in legal fees alone as a result of just one of my suggestions.
  • Q&A session – you get to ask whatever you want, and we give you a completely frank and honest answer.
  • And lots, lots more.

If you attend for only ONE reason

Make it the 3 Questions to ask any Vendor. Here I reveal the key questions which will transform the results of any business acquisition you engage in. They're so obvious, yet no one has yet managed to get all three. You can't underestimate their crucial importance if you want to do the right deal.

Does that sound like £995* £795 worth of value to you?

It should because it's a steal. You can easily pay thousands and tens of thousands of pounds over the odds, and most do, simply being unaware of what's possible and knowing the inside tricks of the trade. One recent attendee saved over £6,727 in legal fees alone from just one of my suggestions.


This seminar has restricted places. Each of which costs only £995 £795 (plus vat),if you take advantage of our early bird discount below - SAVING over £200.00. I am also keen to keep the size small, so we get plenty of opportunities to discuss the issues relevant to you.

You'll be in good company too

These seminars have generated quite a following. I get all sorts of people attending - business owners, financial advisers, private investors, lawyers, accountants, barristers, corporate finance people, venture capitalists, property developers and serial entrepreneurs.

You'll get the opportunity to mingle and network with like-minded businesspeople and ask any questions you like during the Q&A session.

Plus a valuable bonus

If all that isn't enough there's also the added bonus of my guest speaker whose 35-minute presentation on the insight to the Vendor's brain so knocked me out when I heard it, that I immediately sat down and completely re-engineered the way I do business. The result: during some pretty challenging economic times we grew our business 137.9% that year, and we've been growing ever since. Not an idle boast but a simple statement of fact. This part of the seminar is worth the price of admission alone.

Should you attend?

The principles, tips and strategies that we will reveal to you are universal but aimed mainly at the SME sector (up to £25m turnover).

Whether you are a seasoned pro who has seen it all or a novice taking the first tentative steps to financial independence and freedom, I bet there'll be a few angles you might not have considered. This seminar will address them.

If you have ever seriously considered buying a business or if you advise people who buy businesses then you must attend this seminar now.

Most of my attendees tend to be: business owners, investors, high net worth individuals, entrepreneurs, financial advisers, venture capitalists, solicitors and accountants. But anyone can benefit from attending. Spaces are allocated on a first come, first served basis. The masterclass has sold out every time it has run.

Your presenters

Howard Weston is managing director of Lucas & Weston Ltd, one of the UK's most successful business brokerages.

Howard, a qualified financial advisor, is a member of the Corporate Finance Faculty of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales and holds the Institute's Corporate Finance Qualification. He is regularly invited to speak on business sales and company valuation topics and has written articles for the BBC and other media. He has featured in business magazines, written books on the subject and authored the buying and selling guides for the UK Government's Business Link website.

For the past 18 years, he's been trading as a professional business broker. During this time, he's been responsible for over 250+ deals worth multi-millions of pounds, including the buying and selling of his own businesses too.

Buying a business has a lot to do with understanding the vendor's mind and Jeanette Weston's presentation on the workings of the mind is worth the price of admission alone.

Jeanette is a clinical psychotherapist and managing director of Mindwell, a company researching motivational psychology and cognitive neuroscience. Jeanette regularly holds talks and seminars nationwide for a blue chip client base.

When and where

Buy a Business masterclass at No 1 Cornhill, London
No.1 Cornhill - London

The Buying a Business Masterclass seminar takes place on Thursday 10th May 2018 at 10:00 (Registration and coffee from at 09:30) to 17:00 (Lunch between 13:00 and 14:00) at No. 1, Cornhill, London, EC3V 3ND. Situated only a 1 minute walk from Bank station (Tube) and 5 minutes to Liverpool Street Station, 1 Cornhill is in a superb location and is renowned as one of the four trophy buildings on the Bank Junction alongside The Bank of England, The Royal Exchange and Mansion House.

No such things as a free lunch

Well, actually there is, we're throwing in a buffet lunch and as much coffee as you can handle throughout the day.

What do I need to bring?

Nothing as such, we provide writing paper and pens if you'd like to take notes. You may also bring a laptop/tablet to take notes. We will provide you with a copy of the slides and sheet with all the relevant links. We do not allow video or sound recording equipment.

How much? Book NOW and save £200.00

Book before 29th April 2018 and receive the SPECIAL OFFER price of just £795 + VAT (£954 total) saving a massive £200.00 (20%).

To attend, the seminar costs only £995 + VAT. But if you click on the link above you can take advantage of our early bird booking discount and save £200.00 - a massive 20% saving. You have until 29th April 2018 before this offer ends..

My money-back guarantee

To show you how confident I am that what you learn will save you money when you buy a business, I want to give you this personal guarantee.

Use the techniques I will teach you for six months, and they will make a real and noticeable difference to how you approach an acquisition.

If they genuinely haven't helped you, let me know, and I will refund every penny you paid.

As I said earlier, one gentleman at my last seminar saved £6,727 in legal fees alone. So as you can see, this is a totally risk-free offer. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Any questions about this seminar

Call me on directly on +44 (0)1225 460 777

Ready to book?

By post:

To book your place, download the booking form (PDF format) by clicking here. Fill in all the details. Put a cheque made payable to Lucas & Weston Ltd with the booking form and send to Lucas & Weston Ltd, 16 Lower Camden Place, Bath, BA1 5JJ.

Or online:

Click the BUY NOW button above to pay with a credit card. If you already have a PayPal account, you can log on and send payment to hw@lucasweston.com. We will issue an invoice to you after receiving your booking form.

Can't make this date?

If you can't make it this time, but would like information on future dates, you can sign up for our email newsletter here.

Simply put

Learn how to buy a great business for less money and on better terms than you ever thought possible.

"An investment in knowledge pays the best dividends."
Benjamin Franklin

I look forward to receiving your booking for this exciting seminar, now or when you're ready.

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