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  2. Upon receipt, we email, or post, an initial summary of the business together with a confidentiality undertaking/non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for SIGNATURE, COMPLETION and RETURN.
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  4. The Vendor approves the release of further information.
  5. Once approved, we forward you the information pack on the business. We reserve the right to refuse the release of further detailed information.
Missing any steps in point 3 above may result in unnecessary delays.
N.B.  If you don't fill in the project reference (e.g. Project Oversight), forget to sign the NDA or provide no contact information we can't accept it, and it will delay your enquiry.
N.B.  If your enquiry is as an individual, private investor, international buyer or non-Limited Company, we may require further more detailed information about you.
N.B.  Signing our non-disclosure agreement does not guarantee the release of confidential documents. Further confidentiality agreements and proof of your ability to fund a purchase might be required.
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